Oak Forest UMC Childcare
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Summer Camps

Middle School Summer Camp   

This program is unique in that it is tailored to meet the needs and interest of middle school aged children. Our Middle School Summer Camp hours of operation are 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Each day kids can enjoy access to foosball, tons of board games, a playground, ball fields, video game consoles, open gym, and more. We provide a safe environment with hands on guidance by experienced staff. We encourage and promote leadership skills and positive self esteem development in each of our kids. We achieve this objective by involving the kids in making decisions about their community service projects, planning activities for our younger group, and more. Although this is designed to be a more relaxed atmosphere, we attempt to enrich the kids with daily Christian education, arts & crafts, organized games, special interest classes, and more. We keep the kids active with weekly outings to the pool, bowling, and a special field trip (i.e. laser tag, baseball games, movies, arcade, and more!). Come join us this summer for a one of a kind program!!!



Elementary Age Summer Camp 

Oak Forest Summer Camp provides full day childcare from 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Our summer camp upholds the same quality and standards found in our after school program. We keep the kids busy with weekly trips to the pool, library, and one special field trip (i.e. mini-golf, bowling, Nature Science Center, Zoo, and much more!!!). Each week has a unique theme, which is reflected in that week’s activities, arts & crafts, organized games, and special event days. In addition to having “center”-based classrooms, enrichment programs including community service, music, Christian education, and a reading time are incorporated. We keep the kids physically active out on our ball fields, playground and in our gym on those really hot summer afternoons. It is our goal to keep your child safe, happy, and excited about each day of what is sure to be a memorable summer.